The Research Files vol. XLVII: Knompf


It was about a week ago that I was approached by an Earth Elemental by the name of Knompf; I was busy watching a youtube video and I saw someone out of the corner of my eye standing next to me. And there He was, asking me to work with Him, because He has heard of me and can do well for me.

Regarding looks, He looks like your typical forest gnome, lil guy with beard etc; although He has multiple shapes and one of them is also a rock-like creature. His eyes are generally black and He speaks with a shrill, elderly voice. His corresponding sign, duh, is Taurus and He is a ruler, thus has servants or subjects under Him. I have seen them in His room, and He has asked me to keep it closed continually & no A/C on, until He asks otherwise, in total darkness. So lights out in His room. The reason for this is obvious, this setting corresponds to the bowels of the earth, more or less. He has asked me to write on Him in advance, which I’m doing right now of course. My divinations and check-up on Him are okay, so I am not worried about Him delivering. See below a short video, displaying His given seal, which is the sign of Taurus with His name in Hebrew; funny thing is I needed the lights on while recording this, and Him and his servants were covering their faces, Him telling me “Aah, the light hurts our eyes- now do you see why I ask this from you?”

Knompf is good for money, so be welcome to summon Him; In my case, He has taken over Bariel’s room and responsibilities. He is a better fit, according to my financial manager Sandalphon.