Why psychiatry does not work to cure mental illness


This subject is something that people observant enough already know; it is no mystery to the world that treatment of mental illness is inadequate and (mostly) impractical to say the least, in every imaginable way and/or manner. People that are mentally ill (especially the serious ones) are labeled “incurable” and that “there’s no hope for them”, not to mention the stigma that comes along with it, being shunned by others & having a hard time finding work or employment to name a few. Being mentally ill, or as others will tease you, being “crazy” or a “loon” is a death sentence in society- even more so if your mental affliction is long term or permanent in nature. Below I give the answer to the header of this article.

The reason why the medical world does little to nothing to help the mentally ill and/or is unable to do so (at least on mass) is quite simple; they focus on the material. Treatment of a mental disorder by default is done in such a way that the entire focus is placed on the cause being material in nature. Common sense tells you that you cannot treat a spiritual ailment(s) with material tools or methods, within this context they’re like polar opposites. You wouldn’t try to heal a broken leg with a citation, would you? Exactly. Physical injuries or disorders require physical treatment, the same for the (metaphorically) adverse.

The default way of working in terms of treating the mentally ill is to pump them full of drugs (e.g. antipsychotics), detain them (temporarily) and hope they “calm down”. For the rest, no change is made in the medical sector globally because they simply don’t know how- or what to do about it. Any advancements they make is minor at absolute best.

What’s the solution, you might wonder? Most people that are mentally ill have traumatic life events e.g. a horrible childhood as the root cause that sets the precedent for the affliction, which consequently disrupts their life (severely). This cause needs to be identified, acknowledged & nullified or eradicated, regardless of how the latter happens. That’s all.