The Sixth and Last Pentacle of the Moon


Game time again; The Sixth and Last Pentacle of the Moon is up this time. See the description below:

The Pentacle itself, as shown in the GKOS-OOTP:

My readings indicated that I could expect good/great amounts of rain, but there will be moments where it’ll stop for a short while and it’ll repeat itself all over again. So realistic results. Also, I saw that this Pentacle has great potential to be A LOT more effective- it’s just that my manner of going about this is of a more flexible, swift & thus light nature. This is the Oration I used.

Lastly, (before I showcase the results) see the forecast for the day of activation before I even seriously made the final decision to indeed go ahead with this operation. See here.

This picture was from the last time I charged it in order to boost its power past its default limitation; total is times 36 minimum, times 40 at boost level (in general). So X36 minimum, X40 maximum. Even the purple cloth sash is X6, and the oration is fixed at X9.

Interestingly enough, I spoke to Angels that will bring about results because up to now in my Pentacle-based operations, the spirits associated with these appear. The leader of the Lunar Angels in charge (so to speak) of my Lunar Pentacle operation is named Monakiel– He’s quite the potent one to say the least; skilled and versatile in stability & wealth- the latter, provided the operator or person in question has the correct mentality and works hard, something He also sees to.

Behold, results(!):

* Let it also be noted that it has rained nationwide in several semi-isolated locations, and quite heavily at that.



I committed to a long term working regarding the Pentacle, see details below.

Download content as mentioned in the video here.