Pagan Gods II


Here the 2nd installment of my list on pagan Gods and their attributes and related.


. Beelzebub
Beelzebub was a Philistine God turned demon; read more about Him here.

Planet: Mercury.
Zodiac sign: Gemini (24°)
Description: Deals with everyday things, and is especially interested and good for learning; all things education-wise.

. Moloch
Moloch was a Canaanite God turned demon and is kabbalistically  seen as part ruler of the Qliphot Thaumiel. See here.

Planet: Mars.
Zodiac sign: Aries (22°)
Description: General martian affairs, e.g. offense and defense. Is honest & just however.

. Zeus
The Greek God Zeus. See here.

Planet: Mercury.
Zodiac sign: Gemini (25°)
Description: General Mercurial matters, and moves relatively quick.

. Ra
The Egyptian Solar God Ra. See here.

Planet: Mars.
Zodiac sign: Aries (4°)
Description: General martian affairs, and very proud & fanatical.

. Ares

The Greek God Ares. See here.

Planet: Mars.
Zodiac sign: Aries (15°)
Description: General martian matters, but stubborn and fanatical/ violent.


Pagan Gods


As the title suggests, this time I’ll be covering Pagan Gods; They are unintentionally created thought forms that man created & worshiped, because they needed a way to explain things around them or forces that were beyond their control and that they were subject to. Examples are that most major primitive civilizations in the past such as the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and so on had Gods that ruled over the weather, the Sun, famine, plague and so on. Below a list of Pagan Gods & their correspondences for convenience sake- as I have mentioned in the past, I am not fond of Gods due to their lack of power in general (no offense meant towards them), but its not always and just about power.

. Apep or Apophis– Was an Egyptian God equated with all things evil and malefic, e.g. pain, suffering and related. See here.

Planet: Jupiter.
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (0°).
Description: self-righteous and has a big ego on the negative side but positively is skilled in Law, Religion, Philosophy, Education & Long Distance traveling. Also has a sense of humor and is open to all, a non-discriminator.
* Also has Saturnian-like destructive abilities.


. Hades– Greek God of the underworld and ruler of that aspect of life for Greeks. See here.

Planet: Saturn.
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn (28°).
Description: Specialty lies in public ambitions, as zodiac sign already displays; for coming into prominence and becoming disciplined.


. Kali– Hindu Goddess that destroys evil forces. See here.

Planet: Moon.
Zodiac Sign: Cancer (4°)
Description: Destruction of necessary things or aspects, and yet of a gentle nature. Literary ability & some art also present.


. Set/ Seth– Egyptian God of protection, weather, violence and so on. See here.

Planet: Sun.
Zodiac Sign: Leo (10°)
Description: Covers most solar attributes, e.g. energy, protection to a certain point, skill in general endeavors etc.  Skill is determination.


The above mentioned are just a few examples and ones that I’ve researched in the past. Noticeably, they are dark Gods or Chthonic deities in general. Not too many Gods that I’m aware of that specialize in financial resources and related. Anyone reading this, feel free to approach me for desired information on a God or deity.


The research files vol. III: Osiris


Hi again, and this time as the header already indicates I will write about my latest invocation, and also my first time summoning a pagan God, namely Osiris.
For those that do not know him, Osiris is the Egyptian God of the afterlife & resurrection to name a few. Before I get down to his skills and ability I must mention that I have noticed a significant difference between a god and a celestial/ infernal spirit; the latter one is considerably stronger and the energy is stronger (When referring to infernal spirits I mean genuine ones, so not the ones with a pagan origin/ background); with Osiris, it felt more human-like, the aura. No offense intended towards him of course, he is still great. But this is personally for me another reason why I prefer Angels & Demons over Pagan Gods. I don’t think I will ever deliberately work with one in the long term.

Now, let’s get down to it; Osiris corresponds to Venus with Taurus as a zodiac sign; his specialty lies in the fact that he is skilled at garnering an income and producing money in a stable and productive fashion for the occultist; he also is skilled in trading and exchanging in aforementioned areas. He is perfectly suited for pagans that have business ventures/ dreams or any occultist that has or wants involvement in stocks, banking, accounting etc.
The only drawback to his method of working is that it will take a while for results to manifest; think of it like a long term investment that is relatively “safe” and as free from risk as can possibly be.

Regarding appearance there was no surprise there either since he appears just as depicted, a green-skinned Pharaoh; he replied to my request pretty quickly, only an hour or two after the ritual. I noticed, as I lay on my bed watching a sitcom, the strong scent of a uniquely sweet aroma almost like roses and him briefly appearing afterwards but vague (difference again since the other ones I mentioned at the beginning appear clearer), and him confirming my research on him & his appearance.

To invoke him, one needs to follow the same procedure recited in previous volumes of this article series and work with Venus correspondences, so the number 7, green, rose incense etc. The oration I used can be viewed below, as well as his seal which I combined with his hieroglyph.

One last thing; I thought that he was going to be Saturnian in nature due to the nature of the things he was worshiped for but just goes to show you that that is not always the case; he has no related skills whatsoever.

Oration to Osiris