The research files vol. I: Satan


Hi readers, in this article I will cover Satan, or better said “The one the average Joe refers to as The devil”; I have always been curious as an occultist to the nature and related of the entity known as Satan. He is also known as the opposer from biblical lore etc. I wanted to know what his skills are, what he is adept in if one were to work with him and it would seem that there is little actual occult information on him out there. I performed a ritual for him and asked him for said information. He did not disappoint.

Satan corresponds to the Planet Jupiter with Pisces as a zodiac sign; he is very sympathetic and friendly and is more than willing to welcome anyone that wishes to work with and/ or follow him. He is most skilled in all matters that need or require secrecy, remaining in the background & for anyone wanting to “stay” out of plain sight; this also includes invisibility but that is in the extremest of cases; practical applications are for example for people that want to take on work that requires this trait e.g. a spy or Private Investigator.
On a lesser note, he is also good in obtaining things that correspond to Jupiter, e.g. material wealth, improving psychic skills, legal matters, long distance/ foreign traveling, good fortune/ luck, and pretty much anything in general. The color associated with him is blue and the day is Thursday. When it comes to Lunar & Uranus endeavors, he works in an aggressive manner and Karma comes into play here. It is and will be give & take, e.g. in material wealth, improving psychic skills, acquiring technological information. This is his “Martian” trait, but he himself does not have Martian origins, as he stated. Also has destructive abilities. 

Regarding appearance, he generally takes on the form as he showed me of a serpent that hovers in the air if he were to show himself physically (no surprise there for me personally) but keep in mind that this is just the case in general; his appearance will depend at least partially on the operator and other external things. He also shows himself as a Roman soldier with white wings and black eyes, which I like a lot more. He was the 5th highest ranking angel in the Order that he belonged to, which was Potestates.

Now, the oration given at the end is a general one for invoking him and if one wishes to work with him, they would need to set up an altar with whatever it is that he or she would like to offer (e.g. food & drink); if you’re smart about the basics, a blue candle & correct incense would do, so Cedarwood. Also, keep in mind that since people differ there is no guarantee that it will work and that big, grand results require more time and better quality offerings. His given seal, which can also be found underneath should be attached onto the altar; it is recommended one work in the day, like mentioned before, and the hour of Jupiter-so Thursday in the correct hour; see the planetary hours calculator link for that.

I will close off with the fact that Satan is the exact opposite of what most people think and isn’t the evil asshole the church and society make him out to be; misunderstood for sure.

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