The research files vol. XXI: Sitri


I’ll touch base on my recent invocation of the goetic spirit Sitri for a customer; Sitri specializes in love and sex and that is what this client wanted; attention from women and related.

This is the 2nd time that I have invoked Sitri, and it differed very much from when I invoked him the 1st time. That was a good and long time ago, and was one of my beginning articles. I have grown significantly stronger since then, as he also stated. One of his comments was “You weren’t nearly as strong & adept as you are now”. I remember that when I invoked him the 1st time, that I couldn’t even see him. It was more voices and related. This was, as I mentioned in the previous article, much more intense and interesting. When I invoked Sitri, he appeared as the default and traditional appearance the Goetia lists; a man-leopard hybrid. The funny thing is that he kept wagging his long tail during the ritual, like a lion in the Serengeti looking at his prey, although no threats towards me were made or anything. Sitri is Mercurial in nature and corresponds to the zodiac sign Gemini (9°). His aura made me forget things and there is something about it that made me nauseous and feel sick. I started feeling a bit wobbly, but My Lord Samael appeared behind me and guided me through the rest of the ritual, making me feel 100% again. Sitri is also fond of the Sun, and aside from my clients’ inquiry, he told me too that I can use Solar attributes, aside from Mercurial ones. He is one of the very few Geminis that I’ve dealt with that leaves heavy residual energy, burning-like and mentioned that he’s left handed. Also that he was from the order of Angels.



*Sitri has shown me his second form, which is human in appearance; an angel, dressed in a blue/ orange robe, with dark sandals & white wings. 


Working with Sitri/ Fro’ghla’tasch for sex


Hello again, readers; in this article I will be talking about my work with the spirits Sitri and Fro’ghla’tasch for obtaining sex.

For those that are not familiar with Sitri, he is the 12th spirit from the Lesser Key of Solomon’s book 1, also known as the Goetia and said to specialize in love and sex.
Fro’ghla’tasch is an infernal spirit listed in a book called Book of Azazel by the occult author that goes by the alias E.A. Koetting and specialized in sex for one. The reason for me attempting to reach this goal is complex but not difficult to understand (I assume) for people in general; women/ females in my country are not big on the idea of what it is that I want, which is friends with benefits so sex with no strings attached. I am not looking for a relationship at the moment and am therefore limited to getting what I want. The women here that do want “just sex” are either gold-diggers and/ or too ugly for words or just plain insane.

First up was Sitri and my divinatory research conferred that although there was no guarantee, he would come through so I went ahead and tried reaching aforementioned goal with him. I did get a few other perks, one of them being that my intuitive faculties increased. Unfortunately I had to call it quits after more than a month and the same intuitive voice telling me that I would not get what I wanted. Then I decided to give it another go in the hopes that maybe Fro’ghla’tasch would be able to get the job done; research showed him attempting to bring a gold-digger to my doorstep which I found particularly interesting, but he did show some signs of annoyance, like breaking a glass candle-holder right before the first ritual I held with him. Alas, also no result from this one and I was forced to stop after the same period.

I must point out in both instances the reason for it not working was nothing from their part out, but everything has its limits and under my current circumstances I was asking too much, like asking a cab driver for a ride to the other side of town for only $25. In this case, the things working against me are the fact that I am picky, do not go out often and am unwilling to spend large sums of money on a woman; combined with the main reason I mentioned at the start, the end result or better said lack thereof seems reasonable. I did not make grand offerings, mere mundane ones(food, drink etc.). I also worked with Venus attributes, so on Fridays and the orations seven-fold.

I did consider continuing working with them and waiting for results in the long run but am impatient to say the least and want, nay, need results right away. So I broke off the rituals for both of them. This goes to show you that even spirits are not godlike beings that can bring you what you want by merely snapping their fingers. God is the only one that can do so.

For those interested, here are links to the books where they are listed and the openings- and closings ritual orations I composed myself: Opening Oration to SitriClosing Ritual with SitriOpening Oration to Fro’ghla’taschClosing Ritual with Fro’ghla’taschGoetia & Book of Azazel.

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