Spirit correspondences; factual vs relative


In this article I’ll be touching upon something that some might seriously ponder over: spirit correspondences. So I thereby mean that I’ll explain why in grimoires (in general), especially compared to what I say in my content, spirits have different attributes & whatnot. This is taking the fact that there is a good deal of misinformation and misleading, false information embedded in the aforementioned attributes.

All, if not most, grimoires & related magickal workbooks work within a specific system; by that I mean that you need to follow the system, which is usually made up out of tools, implements, chants, orations, and so on; the general consensus is: If I follow the “recipe”, it should work. Here is where spirit attributes come into play; those alignments like corresponding planet, zodiac sign & specialty apply (for the most part) purely within the scope of that system. If it says that a spirit aligns with the Sun and is therefore Solar, it applies within the grimoire in which it is mentioned. NOT in general or factually, so from a neutral point of view.

Notable examples are some of the spirits I’ve covered in the past; The Olympic spirit Och from the grimoire Arbatel is said to be Solar etc. in this workbook- I factually identified Him as Lunar.

– So there you go –