Esoteric plushies for sale


I offer, just like the above states, plushies for sale that are enchanted; simply put, spirits or energies in dolls, or anything relating to that. See this article for related information regarding details. So how does it work?

  1.  You reach out to me and tell me you’re interested; payment options are Credit/Debit Cards or MoneyGram, or anything you have in mind that would be easier for you. Price is set at $1000 (fixed).
  2.  I create said plushie/doll for you, or anything similar you want enchanted- you need to tell me what kind of energy you’d want in it or what properties you want it to embody; understand that anything is on the table, so to speak. examples are that you want a certain spirit’s energy attached to it or a thoughtform (egregore) in it, or anything like that. It can all be done, realistically.
  3. I ship it to you & Done.

What you need to keep in mind is, like the aforementioned article stated, that the benefit is that it’ll stay with you your entire life, unless you have the plushie-doll destroyed (e.g. burn it or something), or you die; practical uses are either to carry it with you at all times, e.g. attaching it to your bag using a keychain and keeping an eye on it on occasion (you’ll notice generally when something’s up) or leave it at home in a decent spot (of course without anyone displacing it etc.). Treat it the way you’d like to be treated, almost needless to say. The fact that the plushie serves as a mobile altar makes the entity within all the more powerful, so expect good to great results. That’s all.