The research files vol. XLV: Cronus


I will be covering the Titan God Kronos in this episode of my research files; He is the first and main Titan God and ruled over Greeks, as invented by them, during the “Golden age“. This was after He overthrew His father Ouranos.

Links to all you wish to know are already given above, I will discuss the occult aspect of Kronos and He does have a good deal to offer; He is indeed as indicated in His story, Saturnian (Aquarius, 6°- Discipline) and can aid in general Saturnian affairs; strength, overall success in any endeavour, prosperity and so on. He is dualistic in the sense that He can be stern and sympathetic at the same time, warm-hearted and affectionate. He also excels at psychic matters, as in teaching one how to practice all types of clairvoyance, and so on. Kronos is one of those rare pagan Gods that has real power, so it’s worth your time to work with Him. He states that no seal need be used; if you still want to use one, Saturn’s logo will be just fine. His appearance is that of an old man or a younger version of said man with a stick in His hand, wearing a black or navy blue (dark blue) robe. Kronos is also known as the God of time, and He can definitely make one wiser regarding this.