Dream visitations explained


A question that people might ask themselves is why spirits come to them in dreams; this article is to explain just that.

The reason is pretty simple; it is much easier to “reach” or connect with someone spiritually. When you go to sleep, your physical body is “turned off” or cancelled out, and as a result your astral body is a lot easier to connect to, hence it being easier for them to do so. They will go about the easiest way to send you a message, and that is the easiest way. Even if they don’t come to you directly in your dream, they will set up a scenario that will require deciphering. Example is you being in your house and being attacked by a dog or something like that. These are subtle signs that they’ll drop, depending on how much energy they want to spend on giving you the message, in alignment on whether you’re worth it. For them, energy is like money; no squandering whatsoever.

When you’re awake and in “normal mode”, reaching you is like traveling 20 miles for one simple message. A text message is much easier, to put it that way. Keep in mind that this generally accounts for people that can’t talk to spirits in a straightforward matter.

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