The Research files vol. LV: Tiamat


I’ll be covering the Mesopotamian Goddess Tiamat, she is one of their primordial gods and the personification of the sea; See here for more information on her. I have no experience working with her, but her name fell on my mind today.

When I checked up on her and what she has to offer, turns out she’s Venusian (28° in Taurus- desire) and in terms of what she has to offer me, I noticed overall progress in daily life & money by forceful means which will not happen in a pleasant manner for me in general. Her attributes make sense, based on her background and so on. Interestingly, she seemingly wasn’t worshipped extensively, was more of a “first one” and I also can’t find any sources that say otherwise.

Regarding physique, She appears as an arabian man dressed in purple, black colored robe, looking a lot like Vassago. That’s also normal based on the fact that the cultures they’re derived from are similar at the very least. Tiamat is very tall & doesn’t talk a lot. She also threw some gel-like substance on the ground when I interacted with her, oddly enough.I have no interest in her and this is only for documentation purposes.