The First Pentacle of Mars


I’ll be discussing, as mentioned above, the 1st pentacle of Mars from the Greater Key of Solomon; the Order of the Pentacles.

My forecast (so divination) indicated that the result of placing the mentioned as a tattoo on my body, will make me more adept as a magician and more skilled overall, but the drawback (unsurprisingly) will be minor misfortune/accidents. See the tattoo (on my leg) here.

I have noticed all in terms of effects, with my astral senses increasing and me seeing on occasion the familiars of the spirits I work with, something that never happens, generally speaking. The drawbacks (unfortunately) too, with a tour I regularly take being fraught with accidents whereas it’s usually peaceful, as well as the car almost getting stuck in the mud on the ride home (took a detour that I thought would be quicker). All of these things happened within a week of my pentacle being etched on me, and are just a few examples.

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The Greater Key of Solomon – Order of the Pentacles


I started working with the “The Greater Key of Solomon – Order of the Pentacles” in the beginning of this year. My interest was mainly geared towards the first pentacles, the ones that are suited towards invoking the spirits attributed to the sphere that was mentioned. For people that do not know it, The Greater Key of Solomon – Order of the Pentacles is a grimoire or magical workbook that gives the seals and descriptions of pentacles to be made or fashioned that will serve to work with spirits in a certain manner, depending on the nature of the working.

I started in January 2017 and made use of the 1st Pentacle of Mars, the 1st of the Moon and the 5th of the Moon; The first one was supposed to work and serve as an improvement in invoking my Patron, My Lord Samael. Nothing wrong as the pentacle works just fine. I have seen things go better and noticed that the line of communication has improved.
The 1st Pentacle of the Moon was a gift to a spirit that I am working with and it has also served its purpose in the same way as described above. Plus the spirit showed himself to me which was great since he does not have a known general appearance and is short and straight to the point, a bit shy even. Now he is becoming more vocal and involved in my life.

Regarding the 5th Pentacle of the Moon, I pretty much saved the best for last; this Pentacle is said to give answers in sleep, so dream prophecy. I am not a dreamer and rarely dream; when I go to sleep it is lights out for me in my head and done. I will dream about something silly once in a year and know right away that it did not mean anything. But the kind of dreams that are vivid and jarring sometimes, shaking you up and making you feel like you did not rest well at all- now those are the ones that matter. The pentacle has done its work well also, since I have had these type of dreams over 5 times in the past 2 months, and my senses tell me in most cases who the dream-giver is. Most summoned entities give me a sign in this way, where this was not the case before. The only drawback is that the dream is coded and I have to go find out what it meant. I do not mind, but I felt like this needed pointing out.

GKoS Pentacles II

Here the book:

Greater Key of Solomon- Order of the Pentacles

The Utilization Of The Gkos- Ootp


The GKoS is an abbreviation that Magicians use to refer to the Greater Key of Solomon, generally the Order of the Pentacles. I’ll be discussing how to use them below in depth.

First off, I will NOT be discussing using the first pentacles because I already do so in the beginning of this article; I’ll therefore be talking about the other pentacles, the ones that aren’t “boosters etc.”; also, any other pentacles I’ve covered throughout my career other than the aforementioned (1st) will be excluded, e.g. the first pentacle of Mars or the Sun.

I also need to point out that what you’ve seen in the GKoS- OotP, provided you’ve read it, is that it is essentially to be used within the confines of existing (classical) magickal operations; that’s why you’re seeing a good deal of descriptions, like “it is to be used when in the magickal circle” etc.- let me spell it out for you, reader: It is NOT necessary to do so, meaning you’re free to use ONLY the Pentacle as a ritual or magickal operation by itself. No existing one needed.

I’ll be using this pentacle as an example, The Second Pentacle of Mars; see the description in the GKoS: This Pentacle serveth with great success against all kinds of diseases, if it be applied unto the afflicted part. Editor’s Note.– The letter Hé, in the angles of the Hexagram. Within the same the Names IHVH, IHShVH Yeheshuah (the mystic Hebrew Name for Joshua or Jesus, formed of the ordinary IHVH with the letter Sh placed therein as emblematical of the Spirit), and Elohim. Around it is the sentence, John i. 4:– “In Him was life, and the life was the light of man.” This may be adduced as an argument of the greater antiquity of the first few mystical verses of the Gospel of St. John.

The merit of this Pentacle is clear, it’s to prevent & heal disease(s) of all & any kind; how does one apply this then, and what factors play a part? By default, your intentions (which should be pure obviously), your mental strength, magickal level of proficiency (if any), the nature of your affliction (so disease) are notable factors. This Pentacle, based on the context, is primarily for physical illnesses rather than mental (but both are applicable).

Practical examples for mundane people are wearing this image as a talisman or a necklace, having the image printed out or better yet, handmade- or drawn & carried subsequently in one’s pockets or handbag(s) etc. A tattoo is also a great idea, but you need to, especially with the last option, be absolutely sure of yourself in terms of results. How? Listen to your own senses & put it through a “trial-run” or “test-run”. Enough said.

For practitioners, see below video which is more expansive in examples & occult-based information: