Earthquake time!- 7th Pentacle of Saturn


Yes, you read that right- it’s Earthquake time! How? With the 7th Pentacle of Saturn. I have carried out an operation for just that- terrestrial devastation, of course in alignment with my intent so minimal damage & at the same time still shit that will make the earth tremble (literally ofc). See the oration I used here.

The second I committed to doing so, an Angel by the name of Malakiam(u) from the abovementioned 1st order came to me, in the shape of a humanoid figure a few meters tall in black (darkest shade of black, mind you), changing into transparent on occasion. When I was done after 3 consecutive Saturdays of charging & activating it, He turned into a 3 headed black dragon, same outline, color & all. He placed one hand on the Pentacle until results showed, more or less. I also saw beautiful, yet very scary (to the average person) Angels that swarmed about & around the Pentacle, both up top- as well as underground- like wasps around their nest. They generally don’t have pupils, so eyes are either fully white or fully black. I had, at some point, a dream that the dragon was crossing a river coming towards Me, indicating that the project was halfway to completion. I also, near the end of this project before results, started getting a semi-heavy fever but purely spiritual- so I had all the symptoms of being ill (primarily feeling warm and heavy) without actually being so, as well as the fact that I felt more tired compared to the usual.

See a short vid when I was done below:

I was told after I was (finally) done with all of it that I would get my QuakE in- or shortly after 28 days. See for yourself:




The document with results