Impractical occult faculties


Psychokinesis (the ability to move things with your mind) for example, is one of those impractical occult abilities, in the sense that it has little to no benefit in life; you can’t do anything with it or use it to provide for yourself or make a living out of it, unless you are planning to become a stage performer. One might ask himself, what do I need in daily life, what is of practical value?

Mental & physical well-being, financial security, enlightenment, doing away with enemies, power, love and/ or lust, advancement in higher learning (e.g. literature), knowledge of events or objects which can’t be obtained in a material way are a few examples of what the average person would need for a certain level of contentment. While the idea of stopping cars with one’s mind might sound cool, it has little or no use in real life and would not be easy to accomplish/ acquire; You’d have to train yourself for at least a year more or less, and even if successful, doing parlor tricks for others’ amusement is pretty much it. Do anything else and you will most likely be labeled a freak, menace and shunned by society.