Magical theory & the nature of entities


I will discuss things related to magick here; things that you might ask yourself whether you are a practitioner or not…

. Why do some spirits appear as part animal?

Based on what I know, most of these are regarded as infernal entities, but experience teaches that this is quite the contrary; most spirits that appear this way are old pagan Gods that were demonized and seen as “evil” by invading Christians. Examples are found in Gods from biblical tribes, e.g. the Canaanites. Their form is a reference to how they were seen by their followers & worshipers back then. Notice that celestials overall don’t appear that way in general.

. Why don’t spirits know everything & why can’t they do everything?

Because we are all entities, and spirits are in that aspect or sense no different from us- they have specialties or skills that were given to them, and even they don’t know everything. Self-made energies like egregores are different and even if its creator gave it all the skills, it would take ages for it to become adept at everything- it’s just not doable, realistically speaking.  They will give you their opinion on a matter, but there’s no sure fire way to know if it’s true. Communicating & engagement is the same way in that sense as it is in getting along with people; the one skilled in his trade will be best able to help you in a related matter. The omnipotent one is the only one that knows & can do all.

. Are spirits an invention or part of my mind?

Magicians and occultists that think this approach this from a psychological point of view. Based on my experience, NO, this is bullshit; it is true that in occultism your mind plays an important part, since you’ll have difficulty hearing entities when talking to them if your mind isn’t focused. But they’re not projections of your mind, as your mind can’t do things that they’re doing. This can be complex, as it is possible to do so via sheer will, but that is something different altogether & would still fall under magick. But spirits can hurt you and your own mind wouldn’t do so deliberately. In my opinion, this is nothing but an atheists’ approach to magick. By this logic, you can also say that existence in itself is nothing but a dream and hope to wake up one day.

. What’s the difference between and invocation & an evocation?

The former is letting energy pass through you in order to engage with an entity; the latter, calling someone forth in front of you without acting as a conduit. My specialty, which is invocation, is better in my experience. I have done both and invoking someone is easier & a lot quicker. (Done usually in 5 min.) Drawback is that the energy takes a toll on you, mentally.

Evoking takes so long, with all the prerequisite rituals in general (30 min.)