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Hello, all; I hereby lay emphasis on one of my services, specifically Egregore or thoughtform creation. In short, an egregore is a self made spirit that will serve as your personal assistant, to be created & exist solely to serve your wishes. Imagine the potential- a spirit that serves you…imagine what you can accomplish.

-The price for creating an egregore for you is $2500 (US)-

What does the process look like? As follows:

You place your order for one, afterwards (after payment has been confirmed) I create your Egregore for you; if you have any custom wishes, such as what it’s name should be and attributes etc. you just tell me. Afterwards, I’ll send you an oration that you can recite once a day in order to make the bond with your egregore as strong as possible. This oration is optional, so not required (But still recommended).



The beauty of all this is that you do not need to be knowledgeable on the occult at all in order to make use of this service; it applies to everyone. Contact me here if interested or questions arise.

-The general payment methods/options I accept are Credit/Debit Cards, TransferWiseBank transfers (so wires) and MoneyGram; other methods can be discussed-


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