Does sports (horary) Astrology have merit?


For those that are unfamiliar with the header, Sports Horary is a term that loosely refers to using horary astrology to predict the outcome of sporting events and matches. Simply looking it up will give you a list of sites that describe how to do so. Most people that can think further will brush it off as a get-rich quick scheme, which is the case in general indeed. But does it have merit, at least in theory? Yes.

I have done extensive research into this matter as an occultist; as a beginner, in my “younger” occult years (when I only just got started) I made the same mistakes and had the same idiotic way of thinking that you see the aforementioned sites make.
Then, after a few years (recently) I was prompted to look into it again and I came up with a method that does work for successfully predicting the outcome of events where 2 teams/individuals face off against each other; the only drawback is that it’s not foolproof and has a 4 out of 5 success ratio (80%), so to speak.

Why don’t I use it for myself? For a number of reasons:

  1. I’m the “all or nothing” type; it’s either everything or nothing.
  2. The further I progressed in developing a foolproof method to accomplish this, the less logic worked (to my agitation; the ” 2+2=4 ” logic all of a sudden didn’t apply anymore at some point).
  3. The 80% success rate is a wild card and for me, the risk doesn’t outweigh the reward.


Anyone that is interested in obtaining this method (obviously not for free) can reach out to me


I can predict the outcome of sporting matches e.g. football matches & related, minimum 90% success rate. Watch the above video.

* In the World Cup 2022, I predicted as examples given above 7 to 8 matches that interested me personally, without any issues correctly.


– You need to SERIOUSLY want/need to know which team will win & NEED to have one team you’re rooting for.
– I’ll need your date, time (in your time zone) & location at the time of the inquiry.

* Price is set at $350 per match.

The importance of Astrology & Tarot in the occult


The importance of Astrology & Tarot card readings combined in my own personal practice cannot be stated enough- without it, I’d be lost and summoning spirits blindly. These 2 divinations are most effective to my own knowledge & experience due to the fact that they are unaffected by any external force and their displayed information can’t be “shielded” by any kind of protective spell or something like that; they display information that is shown regardless of your target or situation. When it comes to both, horary is the proper phrase that can be used for both of them, and in this case horary can simply said be labeled “situation/ inquiry based”. I will give examples below.

Here are charts shown for knowing what skill a spirit has, his correspondences & related, and one denoting what the outcome will be of working with Him for said goal.

Bael info
This is a chart displaying the information on the Spirit Bael; in horary charts, you need to genuinely want to know about your inquiry or question regarding a matter. To the left the data can be seen, specifically the time, date & location of where you were when wanting to know about this topic. The 10th house represents His skill set. This spirit has subordinates under Him, so he is a ruler. Therefore, the Mid-heaven (arrow pointing upwards) displays His strongest skill, which is 8 degrees in Aries, so He’s Martian. Uranus is also in Aries, denoting aggression/ radicalism. Lastly, the Moon is in Taurus, indicating fertility, so agriculture & making or dealing with money is also a skill. So there you go.

The next chart is one wanting to know the outcome of summoning the above mentioned spirit for a goal.

Invoke Bael for Giovanni for money

The question here is on whether or not to summon Him, so the spirit Bael, for someone named Giovanni for making more money- in a nutshell, I as the question-asker, am represented by Saturn and there are positive aspects (blue lines) to Venus & Uranus. Plus, it is positively aspected to the Midheaven (chart doesn’t show it) which, again, represents the spirit. It is in Libra. After casting such a chart fully, the conclusion is that Bael can do well but not well enough for my personal taste. Indicators are that Venus is at its weakest in Aries and so on.

Next, a Tarot card reading; Astrology over-complicates things, where tarot does the exact opposite; it over-simplifies things. This is the reading where the above question on whether or not to summon Bael is asked. See link. General descriptions don’t apply in general; they do sometimes, but again- not in general.

Card 1- How you feel about yourself
The Hierophant: In this case, the Hierophant represents me wanting money for                  this customer.

Card 2- What I want
The Tower: general description applies partially, since it states “looking for an                     easy solution to a difficult problem”. In this case, it means that I want to do                           things by force, so resorting to this matter (magick) for income.

Card 3- My fears
Death: Me being afraid that things might take a turn for the worst; again, with                      this one the general description also applies.

Card 4- What’s going for me
The lovers: A certain level of success in this operation if carried out.

Card 5- What’s going against me
Wheel of fortune: don’t expect tremendous results.

Card 6- The likely outcome
The Moon: Magical work being done; general description also applies, which in                  short states to go ahead despite all the before-mentioned.


As you can see, both readings align perfectly; and as I said before, Astrology displays the situation in a complex manner, whereas Tarot does the opposite.

Last, but definitely not least 

These methods aren’t full-proof in the sense that they won’t indicate the following:

1. Lack of opportunities/ resources
2. Lack of energy in your working
3. Blockage via Karma
4. A personal/ specific reason
5. See this article
6. See this article
7. See video titled “The three main personalities” or click here
8. See this video
9. A reading will only scratch the surface and can be considered N/A if what you are doing a reading on is high-end regarding magnitude e.g. trying to do a reading on winning the lottery.
10. Your skill level & experience in reading and analyzing; needless to say, you’ll do much better based on the aforementioned.

So, briefly put, if you’re looking for work but there are no employers in your location looking to hire (as in the entire country), then tough luck- ritual’s not going to work or has the lowest chance of working. Same if not enough energy available. And, if karma is punishing you for appalling things you did in the past by rendering you jobless, won’t work too. Lastly, a specific reason, e.g. your target being hard to target etc.

* The Karma topic can be taken care of however, e.g. by asking a spirit that specializes in Karma for help. Below links for learning horary astrology and so on:

Wiki page horary
Wiki page general

Even if one has further questions, like “Is Bael telling the truth” or update on an ongoing working, charts & cards can be cast for that too. You’ll see what the status of your ritual is then in terms of progress, and if failure, why so. These divinations display the potency the spirit has in relation to your goal/ venture, and how adept He is in doing so. That’s the core of it all.

Goes without saying, best to evaluate your goals first, occult-wise, keeping in mind what I said before, before you do ritual. It does rarely happen that nothing can be done, but it does happen.

The dreaded Retrograde in Astrology; what it means and so on

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