The research files vol. LXIII: Odin


I finish up with the last of the three main Gods within the Norse pantheon; last, but definitely not least is Odin. He is, based on the information I read up on Him a jack of all trades and covers multiple topics and areas of life; money, wisdom, you name it. Nothing else can be said, see the Wiki page link for more information on Him.

Time for occult focus & information on Him; Odin is solar (15° in Leo- Seeker) and this surprised me a bit, since I read that Wednesday is loosely based on Him too. He has a lot of names or goes by a lot of names, and Woden or something similar is one of them. Thus Wodensdag (Woensdag in Dutch) turned to Wednesday. Based on that, you’d think that He’d be Mercurial but nope. He appeared as an old man in armor for me, with one eye.
I lastly need to point out that the seeker aspect of His correspondence refers to Odin constantly seeking attainment of knowledge & wisdom.