Does gender matter at all, in any way whatsoever in the Occult?


Answer is yes; whether you’re a man or woman, believe it or not, has both advantages as well as disadvantages when practicing the occult. See below for a horizontal column of both genders & their aforementioned strengths and weaknesses.



– Men –

  • Are more disciplined; can bear substantially more levels of pressure.
  • Are more fixed, so more stable in their practice.
  • Have a naturally higher level of intellect in this department.
  • Have a naturally higher success rate overall.
  • Can accomplish more long-term goals & objectives.
  • Take longer to build up energy and release it.
  • Practicing overall is harder to do.

– Women –


  • Are more naturally spiritually fluid, can absorb quickly & more easily.
  • Have higher levels of natural clairvoyance.
  • Are more adaptable, depending on the conditions & circumstances.
  • Can practice more easily & in a mildly shorter duration.
  • Are much more sensitive to energy, so very vulnerable.
  • Are highly prone to mental & overall spiritual instability.
  • Have great difficulty coping with any hardship or setback when practicing.


* Let it of course be noted that these are general attributes that obviously apply to MOST, but not ALL.