The research files vol. XVIII: The Planet Venus


I will bring an interesting topic to attention and that is specifically invoking or summoning planets; the peculiar thing about this is that planets aren’t individual entities or even rulers of said planet, but the sphere itself. Addressing it is like addressing a company itself and NOT specifically someone within the company, not even its CEO.

I did exactly this, which I am bringing to light, in March somewhere; I was looking for a spirit that deals specifically with good fortune from a financial or general perspective and no matter how much I looked, I wasn’t able to find someone in my catalog. Using an egregore was not an option, since it would take too long for it to become strong enough to get the task done. So hence the idea to approach Venus itself, since I was focused on good fortune from a financial point of view like I mentioned. I was eager to see what would happen and the outcome was as I expected, in the sense that Venus or Netzach sent an emissary.

When called upon, it did something very interesting and effective. Not only did it send me someone, it sent me someone that was as close as I could possibly come to what I was looking for, and that one was no one else but The Roman Goddess Fortuna. I did not even know her and it was only when I was done that I googled her and saw who she was. My reaction was “Well, I’ll be damned”. This was not her most civilized side however, as she was very promiscuous and taunted me sexually and was nude. No clothing on or anything. I kept my cool and acted as if her taunts didn’t bother me, but to be honest they did not do so at all.

This is a lesson for those out there that are looking to summon a planetary sphere or a zodiac sign; working by default with one of them is alright in the long term, but this is the most likely result in one-time dealings. It reminds me of an “invoking God himself” post that I once read somewhere; the notion is for me personally ridiculous, since God is almighty. If you do address him, like a friend once told me he did and succeeded in the sense that he got what he wanted, then the same is or will be the outcome. Someone suited to your needs will be sent and very unlikely that the Big Man himself will aid you directly, unless he deliberately decides to do so.

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