The Research files vol. LVI: Raphael


I will do a brief piece on the Archangel Raphael; I have not worked with Him, but He likes me writing about Him & it was He whom I tried to evoke back in the day as a beginner.

I am more than familiar with Raphael, as I visited the Sun multiple times when astral traveling, and back then He appeared as a huge ball of yellow light, voice echo-like and all. He rules the Sun, so that’s obvious and some (incorrect based on my knowledge & exp.) consider Him ruler of Mercury. It has happened once or twice that a customer has requested something that I could ask Raphael for, but those would-be customers never followed through. Raphael is, aside from healing, good for all general affairs in terms of prosperity and so on. Overall progress and the keyword here is abundance in all fields. Back when I tried to evoke Him as my first spirit, it was like starting a car with a faulty motor due to the fact that evocation is not my forté; He appeared in part, and then evaporated right away.

He appeared to me a week or two ago and due to my current skill level, more beautiful than ever; a beautiful blond man, wearing yellow & purple surrounded by a blaze of golden light and again just now.


Invoking the Sun


I invoked the Sun today; why? Because I wanted a Solar angel that has wealth as specialty, and I had no one in my list like that aside from Lucifer. So I went ahead and performed the operation today, when the Sun was at its strongest in the afternoon.

When I did so, it took a second or two to get an answer and I was curious to see who would be sent to fulfill my request; then I saw an Angel dressed in completely yellow, with the same color eyes and blonde elf-like hair. He told me that he serves under Raphael and his name is Raquiel. He specializes in abundance, prosperity and wealth. Correspondence is 28° Leo, which stands for Cornucopia. I thank the Sun for its emissary and I have want I want. His seal is below.

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Seal Raquiel