The research files vol. LXXIX: Poseidon


I’ll be covering the greek god Poseidon today; He was known by the greeks for being Lord of the sea for one, and horses. He was known as Neptune by the Romans.

Poseidon offers to the average person the ability to deal with others in a proper manner, in the way of relationships and marriages; these kind of close bonds can under Him be very gentle and fun loving. Other things are the ability to see through situations and the motives of others in daily life, as well as overall progress in everyday or common dealings.

Poseidon is solar (4° in Leo- researcher) and a stable one to work with, but He does place boundaries on what He does and how far He’ll go in working with someone or workings, as more than a few gods have this trait I’ve come to notice. He appears as an old man in white robe, holding a trident.


The research files vol. LXVIII: Seth


I’ll be covering the Egyptian God Seth today; He was known by the egyptians as God of the desert, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners.

Seth is solar in nature (10° in Leo- persistence) and is a powerful one thus. He is an excellent business partner for the abovementioned affairs, as well as all matters in general. I do need to point out however that Seth is not the type that knows order as (again) mentioned before; So don’t expect Him to go to work neatly for you when engaging with Him, in terms of results. Regarding appearance it’s the typical man with the head of a jackal or a canine-like animal. Seth does have a gruff voice, but that is to be expected of His nature. I have no experience in dealing with Set, other than superficially. So that’s it.


The research files vol. LXIII: Odin


I finish up with the last of the three main Gods within the Norse pantheon; last, but definitely not least is Odin. He is, based on the information I read up on Him a jack of all trades and covers multiple topics and areas of life; money, wisdom, you name it. Nothing else can be said, see the Wiki page link for more information on Him.

Time for occult focus & information on Him; Odin is solar (15° in Leo- Seeker) and this surprised me a bit, since I read that Wednesday is loosely based on Him too. He has a lot of names or goes by a lot of names, and Woden or something similar is one of them. Thus Wodensdag (Woensdag in Dutch) turned to Wednesday. Based on that, you’d think that He’d be Mercurial but nope. He appeared as an old man in armor for me, with one eye.
I lastly need to point out that the seeker aspect of His correspondence refers to Odin constantly seeking attainment of knowledge & wisdom.

New financial manager


I have a new financial manager and am therefore saying goodbye to my beloved Sandalphon. He has done so much for me, and I thank Him for all of that, can’t do so enough; but progress is what it’s all about. I had this nagging feeling to do so in the past day or two.

Who is the new guy? Remember when I invoked the Sun for someone? Enter Raquiel, my solar angel (9°- flair) with an eye for perfectionism like me, a true craftsman and that’s how He’ll operate too. He prefers to work alone, so no boosters for Him as He’s told me. He’ll be picking things up where Sandalphon left off. Raquiel is for now only my financial manager and not my vice patron, but we’ll see after He proves Himself to me and my patron. Let’s see what He’s got.


*There has been an update as of April the 17th, 2018, see video below*




The Research files vol. LVI: Raphael


I will do a brief piece on the Archangel Raphael; I have not worked with Him, but He likes me writing about Him & it was He whom I tried to evoke back in the day as a beginner.

I am more than familiar with Raphael, as I visited the Sun multiple times when astral traveling, and back then He appeared as a huge ball of yellow light, voice echo-like and all. He rules the Sun, so that’s obvious and some (incorrect based on my knowledge & exp.) consider Him ruler of Mercury. It has happened once or twice that a customer has requested something that I could ask Raphael for, but those would-be customers never followed through. Raphael is, aside from healing, good for all general affairs in terms of prosperity and so on. Overall progress and the keyword here is abundance in all fields. Back when I tried to evoke Him as my first spirit, it was like starting a car with a faulty motor due to the fact that evocation is not my forté; He appeared in part, and then evaporated right away.

He appeared to me a week or two ago and due to my current skill level, more beautiful than ever; a beautiful blond man, wearing yellow & purple surrounded by a blaze of golden light and again just now.


The Research files vol. LIV: Buer


I’ll be covering Buer this time, since He appeared to me this afternoon and offered His services. For those of you that don’t know who He is, He’s a goetic spirit, the 10th to be exact. See here.

Buer’s description states “The Tenth Spirit is Buer, a Great President. He appeareth in Sagittary, and that is his shape when the Sun is there. He teaches Philosophy,
both Moral and Natural, and the Logic Art, and also the Virtues of all Herbs and Plants. He healeth all distempers in man, and giveth good Familiars. He governeth 50 Legions of Spirits, and his Character of obedience is this, which thou must wear when thou callest him forth unto appearance“. This is what I meant in this video when stating that certain conditions for working with these spirits only applies to the Goetia. In this case, that would be the Saggitary part & wearing the seal etc. Buer’s seal is beneath:

Buer' seal

Buer told me that His –Leo with cartwheel for paws– appearance is not His true shape, and He takes that on due to the fact that He’s mistakenly identified with the Sun; He favors the Sun, but is traditionally Mercurial (20° in Gemini) and showed me His true form, which is that of an Orc-like being with a spear. So hence the knowledge of herbs and so on too (Mercury). Mercury also has healing potential, duh. Lastly, He told me that he is an ex- order of Angels member and prefers His seal always be used in working with Him & Tzaphkiel told me that Buer partly falls under Him.

Invoking the Sun


I invoked the Sun today; why? Because I wanted a Solar angel that has wealth as specialty, and I had no one in my list like that aside from Lucifer. So I went ahead and performed the operation today, when the Sun was at its strongest in the afternoon.

When I did so, it took a second or two to get an answer and I was curious to see who would be sent to fulfill my request; then I saw an Angel dressed in completely yellow, with the same color eyes and blonde elf-like hair. He told me that he serves under Raphael and his name is Raquiel. He specializes in abundance, prosperity and wealth. Correspondence is 28° Leo, which stands for Cornucopia. I thank the Sun for its emissary and I have want I want. His seal is below.

If you want more information on all the planets in general, occult-wise see here


Seal Raquiel

The research files vol. XXI: Sitri


I’ll touch base on my recent invocation of the goetic spirit Sitri for a customer; Sitri specializes in love and sex and that is what this client wanted; attention from women and related.

This is the 2nd time that I have invoked Sitri, and it differed very much from when I invoked him the 1st time. That was a good and long time ago, and was one of my beginning articles. I have grown significantly stronger since then, as he also stated. One of his comments was “You weren’t nearly as strong & adept as you are now”. I remember that when I invoked him the 1st time, that I couldn’t even see him. It was more voices and related. This was, as I mentioned in the previous article, much more intense and interesting. When I invoked Sitri, he appeared as the default and traditional appearance the Goetia lists; a man-leopard hybrid. The funny thing is that he kept wagging his long tail during the ritual, like a lion in the Serengeti looking at his prey, although no threats towards me were made or anything. Sitri is Mercurial in nature and corresponds to the zodiac sign Gemini (9°). His aura made me forget things and there is something about it that made me nauseous and feel sick. I started feeling a bit wobbly, but My Lord Samael appeared behind me and guided me through the rest of the ritual, making me feel 100% again. Sitri is also fond of the Sun, and aside from my clients’ inquiry, he told me too that I can use Solar attributes, aside from Mercurial ones. He is one of the very few Geminis that I’ve dealt with that leaves heavy residual energy, burning-like and mentioned that he’s left handed. Also that he was from the order of Angels.



*Sitri has shown me his second form, which is human in appearance; an angel, dressed in a blue/ orange robe, with dark sandals & white wings. 


The research files vol. XVII: Zepar


I came across the goetic spirit Zepar when I needed a spirit for a customer that wanted her love life helped or boosted; she wanted someone in particular, but my collection of candidates did not appeal to me as much. I flipped through the Goetia and I saw his name and seal, and for some reason I felt strangely drawn to it. Up to this date, I have assigned 5 projects to Zepar; 2 are ongoing, 2 have been canceled and he has been called back & 1 has been successful. The last one got some, in the sense that he got back with his ex and they “did it”. The canceled ones are due to the customers not living up to made agreements. We shall see how the ongoing ones turn out.

Regarding Zepar, the Goetia mention that he is a Duke, will appear as a soldier in red and has the ability to make women love men and make people barren or infertile. He did take that appearance more or less indeed when I invoked him; a soldier dressed in medieval harness with a red feather on his helmet. He speaks with 2 voices, the one is more soldier-like, and the other more hunter-like. He has told me that he has ties to Mars and appears to have a golden wings and a golden/ reddish glow about him. He is Solar in nature (17°) and therefore has golden wings. Interestingly, he held a sword in his hands in the beginning, but held a rifle when I lastly invoked him. His harness creaks the same way as a real one would when he walks. He was unable to read my thoughts in the beginning and read & made assumptions as he stated “based on my body language”. He is able to do so now, however, since we have gotten better acquainted. His energy is radiating, but has a unique feel to it. The temperature in the room increased too, the first time.

An idea on what he looks like:







-Update per 9/16/2018-


I have worked with Zepar a good deal of times, and He has shared a good deal with me which I’ve confirmed; first off, He covers all things assigned to the Sun (e.g. healing, money) aside from the other matters mentioned before. Secondly, He has told me that He used to belong to the Order of Powers and doesn’t like to be called a demon because it’s insulting to Him, since He was “an elite one” (His own words); fallen one is okay with Him. He appears as reddish (a lot of Solar infernals are) because the dark side, or infernal side of the Sun aligns well with Mars in nature. This is why He carries a lot of weapons (sword, rifle, musket etc.). He falls under Metatron.

Zepar does well for customers, so no fuss.


Update as per 2022= Zepar has showed me His Angelic form, an Angel dressed in white primarily with a red aura, and the symbol of a red sun anywhere (generally speaking on His breastplate).

The research files vol. XIII: Michael


I invoked the Archangel Michael a week ago for a customer; his daughter was having issues at school, mainly, that she was being bullied and taunted into hitting and thereby getting into trouble. He wanted me to stop all of that and have her be able to focus on her schoolwork. The first thought that came to mind was Michael and thus I proceeded after the necessary research.

When I invoked Him, he took the classical appearance; the “Angel with big, beautiful orange wings, wearing a white robe and an orange belt” look. He told me that the task will not be a problem and that he will get to work ASAP. His hair was blonde and curly, but turned orange every now & then. Michael is one of those that is or can be considered a Jack-of-all-trades in the lines of skill or specialty. I consider him to be Mercurial, others Solar, but for this one I used Solar correspondences, since it was a Sunday. He told me that full results will be visible over time, but that the target will notice change right away. Funny thing is that he wanted to make small talk towards me, since he had nothing better to do in his own words. But I wanted to keep things on point and he agreed to that & made it clear that I can summon him anytime when he wants.

The most interesting thing in an occult sense is how much He wore me down. I felt like doing nothing for the remainder of the day after the invocation. The client and his daughter told me too that they were out cold, more or less. His daughter was pretty much “passed out”. He confirmed success yesterday & my own check-up too. Done.