The Goetia evaluated


I shall give a sort of evaluation on the Goetia as the header suggests; most occultists, especially beginners or wannabe practitioners think a great deal of the Goetia, but the truth is that there are much more applicable ways of going about achieving one’s desires as a magician; don’t get me wrong, the Goetia has great spirits that one can work with, but there are a number of misconceptions.

1. The Goetia only contains demons; WRONG- more than a few of the spirits mentioned in the Goetia are pagan Gods. e.g. Vassago, Bael.
2. The information in the Goetia is 100% correct; WRONG- more than a few spirits have attributes assigned to them that are incorrect, e.g. Bael’s so called “invisibility”, not to mention being able to see into the past, present & future- this is meant in a metaphorical or better said occult manner– NOT literally. As a matter of fact, a good deal of those attributes or specialties are deliberately incorrect as a means of “testing” the operator- only those that possess the skill, wisdom & insightfulness and can withstand the errors He / She makes through experience and trial and error will see past the misdirection & uncover the truth of things.
3. One must have all the implements as described; WRONG- a number of the items described were mentioned in a metaphorical or figurative sense, but not to be taken literally; besides, implements are necessary primarily within the scope or limits of traditional Magick– practicing Magick in a modern context is more practical, especially to the average person.
4. The spirits mentioned are parts of the brain; WRONG- See here.

These are a few notable points that I addressed, and aside from the Goetic spirits mentioned above, I have worked with PaimonAgares and Bune too. So plenty of experience in dealing with the Goetia to say the least (see the playlist below). Again, these guys are good for work, but I still generally choose the Archangels over them, and spirits mentioned in other grimoires, like The order of the pentacles, e.g. Bariel or Parasiel. These guys pack quite a punch. But for the last time, don’t write the Goetia off- Belial is one of those that I hold dear to my heart, as well as Lucifer from the Grimorium Verum.

Goetic spirits I’ve covered below

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The research files vol. XI: Lucifer


Lucifer never really appealed to me, but I decided to ask for his help in boosting my web shop, since my research pointed out that he can help in that department. For those that do not know who Lucifer is, see here. He is a fallen angel, who’s name means light bearer.

Lucifer corresponds to the Sun (unsurprisingly), 11° and he will resort to pretty much any measure to get what he wants and to get what the operator wants. Next to that, He is a Jack-of-all-trades and has a multitude of abilities (reminds me of Michael in that regard). Has abilities that stretch across. I asked for his help in improving my web shop overall, and he did not disappoint. In a week’s time, he inspired or drove me to make significant improvements to the website, and I got a lot more orders too, worth $680 NET. Very good in a week’s time. There was only one drawback in all of this: he reminds me of Clauneck here, there were a few minor, erratic changes. My web shop would be suspended briefly due to some small error or thing that needed to be changed. Not a big deal, but it can be annoying to endure that twice in a week. That is all.

When invoked, Lucifer has a calm, cool, narrative-like voice and he appeared as 2 black children, and changed to 2 Caucasian children because he got the impression that I did not like his first appearance. I told him that I did not mind and he changed back. The children also grabbed me on the arm at a certain point, but let go since he got the feeling that I didn’t like that, despite me saying that I didn’t mind, again. Interestingly enough, the archangels Michael and Raphael appeared near the end of the ritual and told him that he was needed elsewhere, and that he should wrap up his things with me. He also gazed in awe when seeing the 1st Pentacle of the Sun and was like “Oh, the almighty’s face”. He prefers Frankincense incense, but did appreciate me burning any incense at all. Didn’t want to be ungrateful. I didn’t have the previous, so burned Dragon’s Blood.

  • Invoked Lucifer for a client, and he appeared this time as a buff, naked blonde man with sky-blue/ golden pupils and giant, golden wings. Told me too that he was the 3rd highest ranked angel from the Order of Potestates.