A guide to spirituality for the average Joe


Where does the average person you’ll see on the street, so to speak, fit in the world of the spiritual? Or these same people might ask themselves the same, but in reverse; so where they fit in the world regarding the spiritual. The average person, unfortunately, is mired in materialism and their logic is “What I can see, hear & feel is all there is”. Obviously (to an occultist), this couldn’t be further from the truth. All you have to do is survey people in general and you’ll hear their absolute ignorance regarding anything that even remotely resembles spirituality (ghosts don’t exist, psychics are a scam etc. etc.)

Below are general guidelines for mundane people regarding spirituality and general rules they need to keep in mind.

1. You and your scientific gadgets are NOT the center of the universe; it is from the immaterial world that the material sprouts forth, NOT the other way around (contrary to popular mundane belief). Everything you see comes from the spiritual, so in other words: The spiritual gives birth to the material.

2. Man is NOT #1 in the universe; see this article for an explanation that free will doesn’t exist, (again) as opposed to what the average person thinks; man sees Himself as center of the universe, but that’s by far not the case- at best, He is the #1 Apex predator in the material world or top gun therein, but that is all.
God, hypothetically speaking, has created the best soap opera in man in the sense of “Hey, I have the greatest idea- I’ll create man & then make Him reach a point or points where He thinks that He is the ruler of the world and has control over His own destiny”, all the while having the grandest of laughs since its not even remotely the case. It’s like an ant being infatuated with its own delusion of grandeur at some point(s) in its existence.

3. Your actions (yes, ALL of them) are perpetuated by higher forces (and ultimately, the Highest); every thought, breath, action etc. comes from higher up.

Make no mistake, from a spiritual Point of view you as a human being are no different than a microbe to higher forces, and they dictate the terms of your existence, the same way that man has (been given) dominion over animals and whatnot. Doesn’t matter what you believe (or don’t), think or ever want to; these are FACTS, end of story. The more you come to terms with this, the better.