Magick for Beginners


Where do you begin if you want to become a magician? And I am not referring to a stage performer or an illusionist of course, we are talking about a sorcerer who works with spirits and deities towards a goal. Finding an answer for such a question can go different ways up to the point where you are not able to see the forest through the trees. I have written this article to give an absolute beginner an answer to said question. There are, however, some things to keep in mind:

. Magick is no walk in the park; you will need to devote yourself to it in the long term if you want to achieve anything worthwhile. Results do not occur overnight, neither will the knowledge and wisdom come to you that way.
. You will have to put the information that you have absorbed into practice; like Bruce Lee said, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply”. The material will do you little good if you do not try it out, and open-mindedness is important; do not be biased until you have tried it yourself.
. Gain perspective; be advised that what works for one might not work for you, so do not “simply” assume that since this person for instance has achieved tremendous success with some technique that it will also work for you. Observe your goal well and listen to logic, reason and your intuition.
. Divination is essential; knowing what is going to occur if you were to practice a technique is key since you have, at the very least, an idea of what the outcome will be instead of charging in blindly.
. There are several occult or magickal orders out there that you can join (Google is your best friend here) or you can go solo, this article is more for the latter kind. There are also several magickal systems to be utilized.

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Divinatory methods are for instance Astrology, Tarot cards, Runes to name a few (Google is also your friend here). If you cannot or do not want to do so yourself, but I strongly recommend you do, (also include it in your practice or do this first/ beforehand which is even better) you can always seek out someone to do it for you, e.g. a psychic for hire.

Below are a list of books that are how-to manuals on Magick in relation to what, where, how and why to do whatever it is that you need to do followed by the system outlined.

. Modern Magick: 12 lessons in the high magickal arts
by author D.M. Kraig. (Western Ceremonial)
. Summoning Spirits: The art of Magical Evocation
by author Konstantinos. (Western Ceremonial)
. Communing with the spirits: The Magical Practice of Necromancy
by author M. Coleman. (Necromancy)
Enochian Vision Magick: An Introduction and Practical Guide to the Magick of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley by author Lon Milo Duquette. (Enochian)
. Condensed Chaos: An Introduction to Chaos Magic by author P. Hine. (Chaos)
. The miracle of new avatar power by author G. Gray-Cobb. (NAP)
. Mastering Witchcraft by author P.Huson. (Witchcraft)
. Living Wicca by author S.Cunningham. (Wicca)

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– What It’s Like Being An Invoker –

I’m going to share and shed light on what it’s like being someone that specializes in this type or kind of spirit summoning, namely invocation. For those that aren’t familiar with the phrases, invocation is a method of summoning a spirit in which energy passes through one instead of the opposite, evocation, where energy manifests outside one.

I’m a born Invoker, so this is my forte, my specialty.  What is it like? When I summon a spirit, its energy passes through me mentally as well as physically in order for the entity to manifest before me. To put it in a different way, I’m like a lightning conductor and all the lightning passes through me in order to light up the neighborhood. Specifically, I feel energy passing through my legs up to my sphincter, going through my spine and ending in either my shoulders or my 3rd eye while at the same time it passes through my arms out of my hands; my hands light up whenever I see one of them that way and can produce a variety of sensations, e.g. burning, getting warm, feel moist etc. It’s not the most of unpleasant feelings, but it can be a burden, as it makes on feel “on edge”, prone to extreme anxiety, and so on. You name it. Sometimes it feels like boulders on my shoulders. And all of this happens even when I’m not summoning anyone. This is energy of ongoing work that passes through me, pretty much nonstop. Yup, this is what it takes to be what/ who I am. I don’t mind, nor do I complain. No pain, No gain after all. I prefer this method, as it makes one “feel” the one that is being summoned, and His sensations and whatnot. Bonding with them is a lot easier this way, since they can place themselves to some degree in your shoes and vice versa……the former more than the latter.

– Spirits Don’t Know Everything –

Just because spirits like angels are better and “higher” than us and divine, doesn’t mean that they know everything when it comes to communicating with them about mundane things; example: ask a spirit if the store around the block has batteries for sale that you’re looking for, and the answer might be wrong. Why? Because it’s a guess, similar to someone being in another room and then asking that person who’s in the bathroom making that noise. That person will be able to make an estimated guess, based on the noise and other factors, but don’t expect them to be correct.

It’s the same for “them”- they vibrate on entirely different frequencies and can not oversee everything, despite them being more advanced and much higher than we are. Again, that would be like asking a neighbor what the nearby comic book store has for sale (Answer will be “how the fuck should I know?” most likely).

So please don’t ask them  stupid questions, like whether you left the light on before leaving the house etc.; they’re not there for that. That’s like asking the mayor the same thing. There are exceptions to this rule, but VERY RARE. Don’t do this in general.

Many magickal workbooks and related display spirits or portray them once summoned as grotesque creatures that look like they’ve leaped straight out of a horror movie. The reality and truth of the matter is that this is generally not the case, depending which system is being utilized. Most of them hide behind such an appearance; think of it like a “poker face”, hiding their true selves until you have proven that you’re worth their trust etc. It’s simple actually, as we as people do this in the same way; you only show who you truly are once you feel at ease with a person in general. Examples:

. The spirit Sitri in books: Leopard form- in reality: Man with sky-blue/ orange robe.
. The spirit Satan in books and lore: Serpent- in reality: Man in black Roman soldier/ Roman emperor getup.

One of the things that plays a vital role is the way you treat them; Be respectful and pure of intent and they won’t appear as hideous overall. On the other hand, if you think that you’re going to treat them like slaves, barking orders and whatnot, then prepare for a toothless, one-eyed monster or something similar. He’s showing you His ugly side.

Magickal Initiation Isn’t Necessary

Magickal initiation isn’t necessary, plain & simple

Don’t allow yourself if you’re someone that for example wants to practice the occult or any form of Magick, to be fooled into thinking that you need “permission” from those that see themselves as being “Masters of the Art”; a lot of esoteric orders out there or at least more than a few will have you believe that this is indeed the case & that if they don’t give you the green light to practice what they deem their form of Magick, you won’t be able to…as if they have the so called “rights to it”…(scoffs)… like some magickal copyright (lol). No one owns the right to anything.

I’m going to be blunt (the way I usually am) and spell if out for you: You don’t need magickal initiation; as a magician or practitioner, you can work with whatever spirit you want. No one will limit you but your own thinking and personal circumstances.

I doesn’t matter what kind of magick you practice, you do whatever you feel like, be it Angel, Demon, Pagan God(des), elemental spirit etc. etc. etc. See an example of ignorance here.

I have already pointed this out in the past but felt the need to write this piece; if the aforementioned were the case just imagine.. You’d need to be a Hindu to work with Hindu deities, Greek to work with Ancient Greek Gods & it just goes on…ludicrous.

Divine Self-empowerment Is Unattainable

The header speaks for itself and might throw some off; let me explain what I mean by this.

Most people that have a basic understanding of the left hand path within the occult, know that it revolves around self-empowerment & “being your own God” more or less.
Better yet, most LHP orders that focus on black magick and dark occultism have this as their mission in general; notable examples are The Temple of Set and Church of Satan.
Now, I am NOT referring to personal ambitions and shaping your own reality (obviously), but to literally be your own master and shaper of reality by splitting yourself from any being (God in general) that rules over you, e.g. mainstream religions like Christianity.

Doing this is impossible unless the highest being that rules you wills it; assuming that the operator believes in a highest being (otherwise His self-ascension doesn’t make sense to begin with, at all), separating oneself is not doable; regardless of how hard you try, you will always fall under Him/It.

LHP logic regarding this topic is therefore flawed & dismissible

PS. I’m not judging nor claim to be expertly knowledgeable on the aforementioned orders; I made a general statement in rel. to the topic at hand.

Understanding The Complexities Of Occult Communication

In this article I’ll be discussing the complexities of occult communication; dealing with any type of occult method of working is highly complex to say the least, and it can be hard in the same fashion to be able to make full sense of everything, all the time. Pay close attention to what I say next in terms of elaboration of the aforementioned.

Any occult or esoteric technique is dependent or reliant on various factors such as your overall skill level in said method (not including a potential multitude of factors that lie outside your control). For example, working with a spirit towards a goal or objective. Its success will rely on the aforementioned; the details not working out exactly as you anticipated has to do with your proficiency. You work with a spirit for money; spirit tells you ” you can expect $5000 at the end of the month in income “..that (obviously) doesn’t mean that that is LITERALLY going to happen (all the time)- Why?- because of what I said earlier; communication and you receiving the message as well as the result is as follows, outlined:

. Spirit: ” You get X amount of money in X time ”
. You: ” Okay ”

* Result: You get $2500 instead- reason? your skill level; the basic message of you getting money is understood by you, but the details not going exactly as you were told is neither your fault or the spirit’s…your skill level in general (and other misc. factors the likes of which I described earlier) are the reason.

The more skilled & proficient you become, in general as well as in your specific technique, the better the results (as is the case with all affairs in the world); see below video.

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Pigeonholing Priorities

I will bring the matter forth when it comes to prioritizing immaterial and material matters from an esoteric perspective; specifically, what do you do when you’re practicing magick but have difficulty getting by financially. General occult guidelines teach that one should focus on the immaterial and avert the other. This is also the way I lived in my neophyte or beginner years, and it’s obvious bullshit. Pure nonsense. How do you intend on practicing when living along the side of the street, or using food stamps? It’s degrading and humiliating as an occultist to live that way, and goes against the foundation on which the practice is based. My point is that one should put the material first instead of the immaterial, despite the fact that the immaterial brings forth the material. Once you have secured yourself materially and are able to get by with relative ease, you can focus on enlightenment and related affairs. I became aware of this after my beginner period and applied this current way of working and thinking in my practice ever since; I reversed the entire, tired, classical, occult way of working and focus on results & the material instead of the other way around, and in the process I managed to achieve both topics altogether. Pursuing the material should be done solely out of principle, for the sake of progress and prosperity; not out of greed or sin.

Intent Is Everything

Intent is everything in magick; magicians that ask when doing stuff for people, for names and dates of birth, etc. are most likely using systems other than ceremonial magick, but it doesn’t matter regardless. This is something that most people don’t know, and thus this article. I even have customers that think I’m a scammer sometimes because I don’t ask for this data.

Let me break it down, short and simple; your name, ethnicity (so race), background, whether it be social or political or whatever DOES NOT MATTER. Those are all material attributes that make part of the physical world, but you aren’t known as Peter or John when dead or in heaven/ hell; those are the names given to you in your current life cycle, provided that you have had or will have more lives. None of these things matter, I don’t think we as souls have names, but even if we do, they’re definitely not Peter or John. If we do have names as souls, then they’re unique and no other soul will have it/ them.

So hence no need for those; everything works by INTENT- the angels already know your name and what you want even before it is asked, most, if not all of the time. It’s simply a matter of officially stating that you want business done.

The Difference Between “magic” & Magick

You might ask yourself what the difference is between a magician that performs stage tricks and related (e.g. the “magician” that pulls a rabbit out of a hat) and an occultist or sorcerer like myself, also called a magician.

Notice that I use apostrophes when addressing the former; I do so because these people are not real magicians, in the sense that what they do has nothing to do with the occult.
These individuals are stage performers; what they do is based on illusions & distracting the public in order to perform their tricks. It’s entertaining, but that’s all. It has no relation to occultism and spirituality whatsoever.

An example of someone like this would be the illusionist David Copperfield.

The Occult & Material Attributes

One might ask themselves whether it matters what race you are, as well as other attributes e.g. religious background, beliefs in rel. to spirituality, educational level, social class or standing and so on.

Answer is No; it doesn’t matter in general who you are what you are- the occult doesn’t discriminate in the same way a bullet being fired at you doesn’t, the result or outcome will be the same. Spiritual energy doesn’t care about any of the aforementioned, and neither do spirits; rarely will a spirit turn one down for his ethnicity or otherwise.

So no worries, you can be white (Caucasian) and work with spirits from the Voodoo pantheon per example, or with the Islamic Jinn etc., etc.; As for the other mentioned attributes, ditto (same applies)- The only time when it’ll play a factor is if you yourself are a magickal practitioner and restrict yourself to a certain thought pattern or are skeptical from the get-go. As with everything, belief in oneself and one’s own abilities is crucial to success.

A Guide To Spirituality For The Average Joe

Where does the average person you’ll see on the street, so to speak, fit in the world of the spiritual? Or these same people might ask themselves the same, but in reverse; so where they fit in the world regarding the spiritual. The average person, unfortunately, is mired in materialism and their logic is “What I can see, hear & feel is all there is”. Obviously (to an occultist), this couldn’t be further from the truth. All you have to do is survey people in general and you’ll hear their absolute ignorance regarding anything that even remotely resembles spirituality (ghosts don’t exist, psychics are a scam etc. etc.)

Below are general guidelines for mundane people regarding spirituality and general rules they need to keep in mind.

1. You and your scientific gadgets are NOT the center of the universe; it is from the immaterial world that the material sprouts forth, NOT the other way around (contrary to popular mundane belief). Everything you see comes from the spiritual, so in other words: The spiritual gives birth to the material.

2. Man is NOT #1 in the universe; see this article for an explanation that free will doesn’t exist, (again) as opposed to what the average person thinks; man sees Himself as center of the universe, but that’s by far not the case- at best, He is the #1 Apex predator in the material world or top gun therein, but that is all.
God, hypothetically speaking, has created the best soap opera in man in the sense of “Hey, I have the greatest idea- I’ll create man & then make Him reach a point or points where He thinks that He is the ruler of the world and has control over His own destiny”, all the while having the grandest of laughs since its not even remotely the case. It’s like an ant being infatuated with its own delusion of grandeur at some point(s) in its existence.

3. Your actions (yes, ALL of them) are perpetuated by higher forces (and ultimately, the Highest); every thought, breath, action etc. comes from higher up.

Make no mistake, from a spiritual Point of view you as a human being are no different than a microbe to higher forces, and they dictate the terms of your existence, the same way that man has (been given) dominion over animals and whatnot. Doesn’t matter what you believe (or don’t), think or ever want to; these are FACTS, end of story. The more you come to terms with this, the better.


– Working with distractions –

I can’t stress the importance of working regardless of distractions as a magician; things will never be perfect in general when it comes to general affairs in the world, so as a mage things aren’t really any different. You need to have the level of self-discipline (or attain it if you don’t have or possess it) needed or required to take care of business, lest you allow yourself to succumb to diversions with all the negative consequences that follow; that would overall be a drop or decrease in performance.

I had the aforementioned as a beginner; anything from children playing outside my apartment, cars driving past, honking & all to people walking past my apt. door, spouting about their usual business(es)- so I taught myself pretty much right from the start to cope/deal with these unwanted nuisances. So needless to say, I have the benefit of being able to do so, and even someone standing next to me or any kind of distraction right near me will not phase Me overall.

How to do so you might be wondering? Simply will yourself to do so; ignore or block out the aforementioned hindrances, forcibly if need be.