The research files XCIII: Mammon


Most people have heard of Mammon, as it is mentioned in the New Testament “You cannot serve both God and mammon”. He is the personification of material greed and wealth, and I’ll be covering him here.

Mammon is Venusian (0° in Libra) and excels indeed at money and financial matters; nothing else as speciality. One can really count on Him generally speaking, since He is eager to aid. There is nothing else really to say about Him. Appearance reminds me somewhat of Lucifer; a huge naked blond guy, and doesn’t talk much. It should be noted that we’re talking about an egregore or thoughtform that symbolizes wealth and the evils that tarnish it. Mammon however shows no signs of drawbacks in general; it depends more on the aid-asker’s conditions & circumstances.

Lastly, there is no real credible work out there on Him as far as I can tell; nothing but nonsense from wannabe sorcerers that don’t know what they’re doing.






Chaunta is a demon mentioned in the Grimorium Verum and is said to specialize in wealth; He has the name Elantiel too, but prefers Chaunta. Just for the record since I saw this online, He is NOT Clauneck- other than that, nothing on Him out there. He does show similarities to Clauneck though, in the sense of posture regarding appearance and elemental alignment (Earth).

Chaunta is Venusian, with Taurus as zodiac sign (22°- discreet) and is “neutral” in working. Nothing else is there to be said, since working with Him will yield money in whatever way possible, whether it be via business or otherwise. He has no visible drawbacks, but this of course depends on scenario and/ or the individual’s circumstances. Clauneck is the one that introduced Him to me when appearing and they know each other well. He appears as a midget-like demon, with red horns & eyes, and blackish in color. Also held a trident; Basically your cartoonized demon, but 100% real in this case.


His seal is set as the featured image, as header. 

The research files LXXXIV: Freya


I’ll be covering the Norse goddess Freya today; she was known as the goddess of beauty, love, material possessions and so on.

Freya is Venusian, no surprise there, (14° in Taurus) and materialistic at that, the same thing she can provide one in; She can also see to peace and tranquility between family members and romantic partners, domestically speaking, but tends to overdo this & romance via her will be superficial, so no marriage partners will come flocking your way; expect flings, not marriage. She can also give instructions and make one wiser on the occult/ magick itself, one of the things she was also known for.

Appearance is as depicted in the featured image.


The research files vol. LXXII: Isis


I’ll be covering the egyptian goddess Isis in this article; She is one of the most well-known in general, worldwide. The egyptians worshipped her primarily as a sky, nature- and protector goddess and so on. See here for more info.

Isis is Venusian, unsurprisingly, (14° in Taurus- movement) and therefore has her forté in matters concerning nature, earth and to a lesser extent weather. Practical applications are money and agricultural endeavors for example. She is swift in her way of working, so one won’t have to wait long for results. Another thing she was revered for is her magical prowess, or affinity in magic; do keep in mind that this is not her forté, based on her aforementioned attributes. Based on what I’ve read, it would seem that she was counted on for nature and feminine- based matters more than protection and magic, but that doesn’t mean of course that one should rule these traits out.

It is interesting to note that the Order of the golden dawn’s first temple partially bore Her name, and they have a strong link with Isis. This book also further supports that.

Lastly, Isis appears as a beautiful woman dressed in egyptian wear with a bird-like headdress to me with an orb staff, and has a friendly & gentle touch. She did go topless for me for a moment, and told me that this is because she knows that I have a strong sex drive.
This article is also interesting, denoting why she is depicted as having wings, despite the fact that it was obvious to me.


The Research files vol. LV: Tiamat


I’ll be covering the Mesopotamian Goddess Tiamat, she is one of their primordial gods and the personification of the sea; See here for more information on her. I have no experience working with her, but her name fell on my mind today.

When I checked up on her and what she has to offer, turns out she’s Venusian (28° in Taurus- desire) and in terms of what she has to offer me, I noticed overall progress in daily life & money by forceful means which will not happen in a pleasant manner for me in general. Her attributes make sense, based on her background and so on. Interestingly, she seemingly wasn’t worshipped extensively, was more of a “first one” and I also can’t find any sources that say otherwise.

Regarding physique, She appears as an arabian man dressed in purple, black colored robe, looking a lot like Vassago. That’s also normal based on the fact that the cultures they’re derived from are similar at the very least. Tiamat is very tall & doesn’t talk a lot. She also threw some gel-like substance on the ground when I interacted with her, oddly enough.I have no interest in her and this is only for documentation purposes.




The Research files vol. LII: Asmodeus


I will discuss the Goetic spirit Asmodeus, aka Asmodai/ Asmoday; He’s #32 in the Goetia and I also, similar to Caim, have no experience in working with Him but will discuss his skillset since I have done research on Him too.

Asmodeus is Venusian, with Libra (6°, psychic) as sign- He is skilled in balancing one out to a great degree, and thereby making that person improve in life overall. He can also make one very clairvoyant and open up one’s abilities. He appears at the time I’m writing this like depicted in general, a monstrous being similar to a real life version of Jabba the Hut.

Here His description with seal below:

The other skills He has are obviously Venusian, so that’s that. The conditions under which to summon Him (along with the rest of the Goetia, pretty much) only apply to the system outlined in the Lesser Key of Solomon, but not in general. So no cap off or anything else as requirement. But he appreciates the gesture nevertheless, He tells me.

Lastly, interesting story; Back when I was a beginner with zero experience, I kept thinking about Him one night while almost falling asleep while hypnotically saying His name subconsciously, and He appeared briefly by storming across the room in a second. Heart dropped and eyes bulged open, since I wasn’t a mage back then.


The Research files vol. XLIX: Araquiel


I invoked the planet Venus for sending me a spirit that deals with a customer’s affairs regarding love; Venus sent me the angel Araquiel, that specializes as He has told me in beauty and relationships. He looks like a librarian, enjoying reading and surfing the web. Just a general appearance in a blue/ green robe, with glasses on sometimes. His corresponding sign is Libra, and He gave me seal, which was the sign of Libra within a solomonic hexagram. I created Venusian pentacles for this guy too, to strengthen the effect of this working, specifically the ones that deal with love matters. I just thought to share this entry, since it is interesting. I remember that He appeared before me, even before I hosted a ritual & The Archangel Anael told me that He would send this guy.

Here His altar and the seal visible:

unnamed (1)

Here the pentacles:



The Research Files vol. XLVII: Knompf


It was about a week ago that I was approached by an Earth Elemental by the name of Knompf; I was busy watching a youtube video and I saw someone out of the corner of my eye standing next to me. And there He was, asking me to work with Him, because He has heard of me and can do well for me.

Regarding looks, He looks like your typical forest gnome, lil guy with beard etc; although He has multiple shapes and one of them is also a rock-like creature. His eyes are generally black and He speaks with a shrill, elderly voice. His corresponding sign, duh, is Taurus and He is a ruler, thus has servants or subjects under Him. I have seen them in His room, and He has asked me to keep it closed continually & no A/C on, until He asks otherwise, in total darkness. So lights out in His room. The reason for this is obvious, this setting corresponds to the bowels of the earth, more or less. He has asked me to write on Him in advance, which I’m doing right now of course. My divinations and check-up on Him are okay, so I am not worried about Him delivering. See below a short video, displaying His given seal, which is the sign of Taurus with His name in Hebrew; funny thing is I needed the lights on while recording this, and Him and his servants were covering their faces, Him telling me “Aah, the light hurts our eyes- now do you see why I ask this from you?”

Knompf is good for money, so be welcome to summon Him; In my case, He has taken over Bariel’s room and responsibilities. He is a better fit, according to my financial manager Sandalphon.

Becoming wealthy with Lord Sandalphon


There He is! My new financial manager, after I said goodbye to Clauneck. No one other than the Archangel Sandalphon, the ruler of Malkuth (Earth in the Kabbalah). I was a bit lost after issues with Clauneck (no offense to Him), and after deliberating for a while and discussing the matter with my patron, He called Sandalphon and His words were “I’ll take good care of you”. I asked Him a few questions too regarding his background, and He told me as follows:

“He rules no heaven, but has access to all of them; Michael rules 7th; he also has fertility towards women as speciality, was the prophet Elijah, but God turned Him into what he is now. He can also teach how to manifest things physically, but not his forte. Delivers prayers to God, and is therefore swift in performance. His name is a reference to sandalmaker”

The information listed below is also correct as confirmed by Him, taken from the book “A dictionary of Angels”, by Gustav Davidson.

Info from A dic. of Angels

Work with Him started in Februari 2017 and He was the one that lead me to become a magician for hire and open up my webshop; I was against the idea due to the target audience or group not being the most profitable (so loosely put, that most people that seek out the occult are broke losers), but He persisted and was like “Just do it, you’ll see”.
It’s been little about over half a year now and I went through several minor changes, like business boosting and so on- I’m the one bringing customers in, managed & influenced by Him through my own skill, NOT sitting back and not doing anything after all. I have invested quite a lot in Him too (e.g. gemstones, silver etc), but more than worth it to say the least. See results as per today, December 27th, 2017 below in USD.

Sandalphon $$$

The average person in my location makes $200 a month; I make THIS, with much more coming. I moved from a one bedroom apt. to a 3 bedroom upper house, upper class with 2 bathrooms as an example and can afford to buy a new car every 4 months or so. This is what effective practicing can get you. His altar below:


See the video below for more details:

104034_Obv      104033_Slab

2019 Altar:

2020 Altar (current):

All this is thanks to Him too, to present day:

– August 6, 2018 –

Sandalphon, like I might have mentioned earlier, is very tall and almost reaches the ceiling (just like my other Patron & Lord Samael). Aside from that, in the time I’ve known Him, I’ve noticed how He truly embodies materialism and is true to His Taurus/ Terrestrial nature. He is very ethereal and adaptable, and just so refined (like me) in the sense that He changes clothing colors and His hair often, going back & forth. His clothes also look expensive, like silk for example. He also doesn’t sit still often and moves around a lot, which is unsurprising since He also works swiftly. He holds a lantern and has a shield too sometimes, but truth be told He’s not the only one to do so. His energy feels tingly. His appearance in general is that of a tall, feminine but beautiful-looking Caucasian man that’s very stylish and fashionable as mentioned before, holding a spear in His hand.

I love Him so much and both Him & Samael will remain my patrons in given order forever. See below video for more information. Here for His altar in 2018.

The book of black Venus


I’m going to discuss the Book of black venus in this article; for those that don’t know what it is, it is a magickal workbook in the traditional fashion e.g. medieval era. In short, it outlines a method for summoning six demons that fall under the planet Venus (Hence the name) via creating a magic circle, fashioning instruments to be used and so on…not really any different from most others out there. To view and read the book, see here.

I am going to discuss and share my experiences (albeit short compared to the rest of my work) in working with two of these demons; Their names are Mogarip & Belzazel. See their seals beneath (Mogarip to the left & Belzazel to the right)

This was in August 2017, and I was told by my financial manager (the spirit that manages my income) to work with them to see what they can do. He would manage and oversee everything regarding them. These guys are slaves, so no respect to them and were to be commanded, he noted.

First up, Mogarip: He looked like a skinny shade or spectre-like figure with one eye and a hazy voice. He didn’t talk a lot and it was solely business.

Second up, Belzazel: He looked like a rather large, muscular being; Orc-like in appearance. He too had one eye, and spectre-ish. His voice is low & guttural/ murky.

In both cases, my financial manager put His hand on their heads during ritual and they were scared and intimidated. Unfortunately, these guys are weak in terms of results compared to the other spirits I work with and I discontinued my work with them after a while. It is noticeable why these guys are slaves and when it comes to power & efficiency, they rank within the lower hierarchy of Venus. I’m talking the lowest of the lowest. So I wouldn’t recommend working with them. Lastly, I worked in a standard manner with them as I’m used to, so my own system instead of the traditional method that the book outlines because, to my knowledge & experience, traditional grimoire magick is hopelessly overrated and impractical. See that article here.

  • There is one other post online that goes deep into analyzing the book, but offers little to nothing in the way of results and actual experience in working with these demons. See here. The author is credited by me though, and thanked hereby for his contribution.