The Goetia evaluated


I shall give a sort of evaluation on the Goetia as the header suggests; most occultists, especially beginners or wannabe practitioners think a great deal of the Goetia, but the truth is that there are much more applicable ways of going about achieving one’s desires as a magician; don’t get me wrong, the Goetia has great spirits that one can work with, but there are a number of misconceptions.

1. The Goetia only contains demons; WRONG- more than a few of the spirits mentioned in the Goetia are pagan Gods. e.g. Vassago, Bael.
2. The information in the Goetia is 100% correct; WRONG- more than a few spirits have attributes assigned to them that are incorrect, e.g. Bael’s so called “invisibility”, not to mention being able to see into the past, present & future- this is meant in a metaphorical or better said occult manner– NOT literally. As a matter of fact, a good deal of those attributes or specialties are deliberately incorrect as a means of “testing” the operator- only those that possess the skill, wisdom & insightfulness and can withstand the errors He / She makes through experience and trial and error will see past the misdirection & uncover the truth of things.
3. One must have all the implements as described; WRONG- a number of the items described were mentioned in a metaphorical or figurative sense, but not to be taken literally; besides, implements are necessary primarily within the scope or limits of traditional Magick– practicing Magick in a modern context is more practical, especially to the average person.
4. The spirits mentioned are parts of the brain; WRONG- See here.

These are a few notable points that I addressed, and aside from the Goetic spirits mentioned above, I have worked with PaimonAgares and Bune too. So plenty of experience in dealing with the Goetia to say the least (see the playlist below). Again, these guys are good for work, but I still generally choose the Archangels over them, and spirits mentioned in other grimoires, like The order of the pentacles, e.g. Bariel or Parasiel. These guys pack quite a punch. But for the last time, don’t write the Goetia off- Belial is one of those that I hold dear to my heart, as well as Lucifer from the Grimorium Verum.

Goetic spirits I’ve covered below

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Almost winning the lottery with Belial


I will cover in this article the project I’ve been working on, or better said one of them, and that is trying to win the lottery with Belial, with whom I’ve been working with for a while as one of my default guys. I started this in Sept. 2017 and have decided to stop after several attempts, six in total. So as of Feb. 2018.

Belial had let me know back then that He was very interested in doing this, and we got to work then. I chose the easiest local lottery that consists of 3 slots with numbers between 1 and 55 that may be chosen per slot. So the odds of winning are 1 in 166375. No easy feat to say the LEAST. Let’s not kid ourselves, it would be loosely stated impossible; I still found it worthy a go and He told me a year in the beginning, but He managed after some bonding to cut that time in half. These are numbers that He gave me and an overview of those below with dates; given numbers are the ones that He gave me & drawn ones the result.

-Jan 26th, 2018-

Given numbers: 26-15-11
Drawn numbers: 10-16-26

-Feb 8th, 2018-

Given numbers: 19-12-01
Drawn numbers: 15-17-23

-Feb 15th, 2018-

Given numbers: 08-15-07
Drawn numbers: 15-18-29

As you can see not bad at all considering everything; especially the first draw was a whisker away. I personally am very impressed, but don’t intend on doing anything further and have thus told Him “enough”. This was always a long shot, but a brave and valiant effort nevertheless. I elaborate in the video below:


The research files vol. IX: Belial


It was a while ago that my interest in the Infernal spirit Belial, who is also mentioned in the Goetia, peaked. I read his description in the Goetia and have no need of his services and yet I wondered what he had to offer if I invoked him. For those that do not know who he is, here. To keep things short, he is a high ranking infernal and is reported to be created right after Lucifer.

Belial is a Mercurial spirit and therefore, as he himself told me, has to answer to Michael. Although he has Gemini (14°) as a zodiac sign. Explains too why he appeared as a roman soldier and specifically in yellow since the Sun rules Air signs from an elemental perspective of which Gemini is the mutable, so adaptable one. His special skills are relating to his sign of which he stands out in being able to influence others/ persuade others to the operator’s will. So in short he is able to bring the world to your feet in that sense; he will make others love you and approve of your actions, thereby making you ascend in life. Other things are general communication etc.

Things I noticed during ritual:

– He was incredibly light; I am used to, when invoking infernals,  intense feelings but he was as light as Air (no pun intended); his reply: “So just because I’m a demon, I have to bring fire & brimstone?” *Chuckling*.
– He told me that he was from the Order of Potestates, and strangely enough, got upset when I said “Oh, so powers”; his reply: “No- I am potestates, NOT powers”; they are one and the same officially but good chance that there is a minor difference(s) within the order itself.
– He has greater access to one’s thoughts and mind then the general spirit, also not a surprise; he did tell me that my patron blocked his access to my deepest thoughts, not that he minds because he respects privacy.



I asked him to bestow his skill upon me and he agreed but was critical of my home-cooked meal as an offering, unsurprisingly, since even the Goetia states that he requires great offerings. His reaction on my offerings when I thought about invoking him when my thoughts on him drew him to me, as is the case with most entities I contemplate about: “A meal ,that is it?….uhm, okay”.

The result did come as I have noticed improvement; minor, but still equal to what I gave him. Last thing is that he is more neutral towards returning to heaven, he was like “Meh, whatever”.

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