The Goetia evaluated


I shall give a sort of evaluation on the Goetia as the header suggests; most occultists, especially beginners or wannabe practitioners think a great deal of the Goetia, but the truth is that there are much more applicable ways of going about achieving one’s desires as a magician; don’t get me wrong, the Goetia has great spirits that one can work with, but there are a number of misconceptions.

1. The Goetia only contains demons; WRONG- more than a few of the spirits mentioned in the Goetia are pagan Gods. e.g. Vassago, Bael.
2. The information in the Goetia is 100% correct; WRONG- more than a few spirits have attributes assigned to them that are incorrect, e.g. Bael’s so called “invisibility”, not to mention being able to see into the past, present & future- this is meant in a metaphorical or better said occult manner– NOT literally. As a matter of fact, a good deal of those attributes or specialties are deliberately incorrect as a means of “testing” the operator- only those that possess the skill, wisdom & insightfulness and can withstand the errors He / She makes through experience and trial and error will see past the misdirection & uncover the truth of things.
3. One must have all the implements as described; WRONG- a number of the items described were mentioned in a metaphorical or figurative sense, but not to be taken literally; besides, implements are necessary primarily within the scope or limits of traditional Magick– practicing Magick in a modern context is more practical, especially to the average person.
4. The spirits mentioned are parts of the brain; WRONG- See here.

These are a few notable points that I addressed, and aside from the Goetic spirits mentioned above, I have worked with PaimonAgares and Bune too. So plenty of experience in dealing with the Goetia to say the least (see the playlist below). Again, these guys are good for work, but I still generally choose the Archangels over them, and spirits mentioned in other grimoires, like The order of the pentacles, e.g. Bariel or Parasiel. These guys pack quite a punch. But for the last time, don’t write the Goetia off- Belial is one of those that I hold dear to my heart, as well as Lucifer from the Grimorium Verum.

Goetic spirits I’ve covered below

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Working with Vassago


I started working with the Goetic spirit Vassago in October 2016 and have decided to stop with him due to the fact that I want to limit the amount of spirits that I work with on a daily basis. I worked with him for solving missing persons cases, and as the grimoire the Goetia says, he is skilled in finding missing and lost things, including people. So hence that. He immediately and swiftly came the second I even contemplated working with him.

Vassago is Lunar in nature, so corresponds to the Moon (2° in Cancer); Therefore, he is adept at all things psychic and of a clairvoyant nature. There is not a lot of data or information on him out there, as I have searched before starting with him extensively online, but only found one or two entries. He led me to my goal towards or via Astrology, and when that did not yield results in the way I wanted, he sent me to a local seer that I was acquainted with. That, unfortunately, did not work out too in the way I wanted. He told me that this is grand and heavy work, as finding missing people is no joke, and if I want the exact details on these cases, then I will have to give him more energy via rituals and gifts. He is the one that introduced me to mental/ telepathic communication with spirits during ritual instead of saying things aloud. Vassago is timid in nature, and will not speak unless he really feels like doing so. Keeps himself in the background, but is very observant and sees practically everything going on. He became more vocal after I gave him the 1st pentacle of the Moon as a gift and other items over time (See Order of the Pentacles), and revealed himself to me.

I dislike the fact that people attach the same shape that the Goetic spirit Agares takes to Vassago, as that is not at all the case; before Vassago showed himself to me, he drained some of my life’s energy to speed our work along. The downside of this is that I almost fainted behind the altar, I closed off and I went to lie down. My mind was blank when I did so, as I tried to stabilize my body. And that is when, while my eyes were closed, I saw a man in a white background. He looked Arab, wearing a robe and holding a golden staff with an obsidian ball & other times normal ball at the end, dressed in violet (purple) & reddish/ orange clothing. He was floating and had “no feet”. I was happy, since I was like “finally, he showed himself to me”. His voice is old-mannish sometimes and other times like a normal middle-aged man. The other shape Vassago has taken with me is that of an African man, wearing traditional African clothing. See below images for an idea of his looks.


I will admit that I shall miss Vassago, but I have to prioritize and the fact that I am near success in my work with him as my own research shows/ points out, makes it even harder, but I will always come back to him if I want to in the future, although I doubt that this will be the case. He will be my number one choice though, for psychic needs and customers that wish help in this, since we are on such good terms & my experience in working with him. It has been, roughly estimated, over half a year; 7 months worth of skill in dealing with him. He has been friendly and has always supported me in my goals, helping out where he can. Vassago does have pagan roots, but told me that he would rather not discuss that with me and I honestly do not care much for that either. The African appearance was in his own words, “because he has ties to Africa” & he has only showed and told me about this form in the past 2 months. He is more active at night too (for obvious reasons).