The Goetia evaluated


I shall give a sort of evaluation on the Goetia as the header suggests; most occultists, especially beginners or wannabe practitioners think a great deal of the Goetia, but the truth is that there are much more applicable ways of going about achieving one’s desires as a magician; don’t get me wrong, the Goetia has great spirits that one can work with, but there are a number of misconceptions.

1. The goetia only contains demons; WRONG- more than a few of the spirits mentioned in the Goetia are pagan Gods. e.g. Vassago, Bael.
2. The information in the Goetia is 100% correct; WRONG- more than a few spirits have attributes assigned to them that are incorrect, e.g. Bael’s so called “invisibility”.
3. One must have all the implements as described; WRONG- a number of the items described were mentioned in a metaphorical or figurative sense, but not to be taken literally.
4. The spirits mentioned are parts of the brain; WRONG- See here.

These are a few notable points that I addressed, and aside from the Goetic spirits mentioned above, I have worked with PaimonAgares and Bune too. So plenty of experience in dealing with the Goetia. Again, these guys are good for work, but I still generally choose the Archangels over them, and spirits mentioned in other grimoires, like The order of the pentacles, e.g. Bariel or Parasiel. These guys pack quite a punch. But for the last time, don’t write the Goetia off- Belial is one of those that I hold dear to my heart, as well as Lucifer from the Grimorium Verum.

The Research files vol. XLVIII: Bune


I will discuss my work with the Goetic spirit Bune, who has taken over Lucifer’s tasks when it comes to the spirits that I work with. She appears as a woman to me, not that it matters, gender-wise, and a beautiful one at that, with her general gothic look.
How it happened is that I just had her appear and offer to work with me, and my financial manager supported working with Her and letting her take over from Lucifer. Funny, since I never liked Her and she didn’t appeal to me. Nevertheless, she has told me she’s a fallen angel and, although I haven’t confirmed this, because I just don’t care enough to do so, I believe Her. She also has an alternate appearance, that which the Goetia describes somewhat- a monstrous creature with three heads, one human-the other two dragons. She takes on the first demeanor for my convenience, as She states it & She can be very “ethereal”, appearing and reappearing in a fluid-like motion.

Here the description on Her from the Goetia:

Goetia description

All of these above are true, as Bune is Jupiterian (Pisces, 28°) and She is good for wealth, although not Her strong suit; She is adept at psychic affairs and related, and exceptionally skilled in general. When working with Her, money-related matters will come at the cost of minor misfortune- I’ve slammed my finger since working with Her, along with stubbing my toe, and my research also flagged that. So watch out. She honestly reminds me of other Infernal spirits, e.g. Satan & Aciel since they have that in common. Below Bune’s seals; I use the bottom one, and that one is also said to be better.

Seals, 2nd one used